Time at Tower Bridge

I had a feeling I would blog about non craft stuff. Sorry. We had a meeting for work just across Tower Bridge on Monday. North of the Thames is the Tower of London and tourists galore. South of the river is more residential London. Flats, schools, shops and pubs and buses. The further south you walk along Tower bridge Road the more ‘normal’ everything becomes. Although we didn’t  go miles down the road – so maybe it turns back to tourist London – but I doubt it somehow.

I was in tourist mode so as we were early for the meeting I took lots of photos and admired the buildings. Do you have a favourite? The camera has all sorts of settings so I was trying them out. It creates some nice effects.



5 thoughts on “Time at Tower Bridge”

  1. I like all the photos – the mix of old and new architecture is really marked at Tower Bridge. It is surprising how ordinary south of the river is compared with north of the river. Eventually you get to the New Caledonian Market down Tower Bridge Road and then a little further on you join The Old Kent Road.
    I was wondering how long it would be before you blogged about London or your garden! You’ll just have to revive your other blogs and keep your subjects separate or give us a hotch potch of different things on one blog depending on how you feel. Either way I will enjoy it all! 😀


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