walking fit

It seems that I have been piling on the pounds. This is not good. It isn’t the end of the world either but I have decided to get a bit more active. ‘Walk more’ is going to be my autumn mantra. It is so easy to get in the car and even easier to stay at home (I work from home so very easy!) Sometimes it feels as though going for a walk is avoiding work but if i don’t get moving I won’t be able to climb any lake District Hills in the summer. The good thing is that autumn is a really great time to go for walks. The temperature is cooler, the sky is often blue and the leaves are beautiful. Short walk on Sunday, longer walk today  – progress is being made! Enjoy the pictures from Sunday.


7 thoughts on “walking fit”

  1. Lovely photos Rachel! I especially like the colour of the Sumac in the last picture. I must walk more too! I actually went on a guided woodland walk today with Richard. Organised by the Woodland Trust the walk was really interesting and there was a free 2-course meal afterwards! Any good the walk did was undone by the bread-and-butter pudding and custard!


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