my garden this week

It has been a lovely week. Getting out for a walk each day (except today – not sure how that happened) has been lovely. I feel loads better for some regular exercise and fresh air. The garden is holding on to summer while wandering into autumn. Our tomato plants are still producing tomatoes (what else!!); there are berries all over the place. I am particularly pleased that we have holly berries. Last winter there was just the one. It looked lonely.

We have a rather dilapidated wooden compost bin at the bottom of the garden. We are managing to grow avocado plants in it. I only know this because I dug down by the leaves to investigate and found that the stem was coming from an avocado stone.


I’ve just spent some time looking up what to do with this free gift of a plant. I think I will plant one outside (this is the warm south of England after all ) and bring a couple inside. You can take a look at the info here. It can take up to ten years for the plant to fruit – by then I will be heading towards my 60’s!!


7 thoughts on “my garden this week”

  1. Your garden is much warmer than ours! Our tomato plants died weeks ago and we have been close to frost a few times. I can believe that we are nearly in November by the temperatures now but… where has this year gone? How exciting to find avocado plants in your compost! I hope they do eventually fruit.


    1. I do miss the frost. we seldom get cold enough in the garden. The tomatoes have been delicious and I am so annoyed with myself as I can’t find the seed packet so don’t know the variety.
      I really have no idea where the year has gone. Do love this time of year though.

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      1. Yes, I do too. We grew some gorgeous mini plum tomatoes this year So sweet and juicy and an enormous crop too. ‘Sweet Olive’ was their name and fabulous as salad toms as well as for cooking. We’ll definitely be growing them again.


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