all done

At last my granny square blanket is done. Decided not to go to bed last night until it was finished 🙂 Trying to make each square a different set of colours was sometimes tricky. It seemed that there were colour combinations that I was preferable to and I had to concentrate on making ‘random’ choices. It’s been a good way to see how different colours work together and some squares I like very much. I will be referring to the blanket for colour combination ideas for other makes. But I’m ahead of myself – I still have another blanket on the go!! well two in fact. But for now I am happy that the granny squares are all crocheted together.

I used Stylecraft Special DK from wool warehouse. It’s inexpensive, there are a lot of colours and it’s washable. It feels soft and lovely too. Hook size 4mm.

My inspiration was from Sue Pinner’s book ‘Granny Squares. 20 crochet projects with a vintage vibe’ But I made my granny squares simpler with triple crochet (UK) rather than a cluster stitch. I’ll try to work up to that! It’s a great book with lovely ideas.



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