The garden has a few flowers during winter which is very welcome. The clematis is ‘Freckles’ (at least I’m pretty sure it is – it was here when we bought the house ). The yellow flower is winter jasmine.

So far 2017 has been all about toothache – Paracetamol is my best friend till the dentist opens tomorrow. The good thing is, I can’t indulge in all the chocolates.



6 thoughts on “flowers”

  1. Oh no! Why does toothache always strike when the dentists are shut? I hope you can be sorted out quickly and painlessly. I’m sure your clematis is ‘Freckles’ too – it’s lovely ❤


      1. Poor you! I know from my husband’s recent experience that dentists have amazing anaesthetics nowadays and once you get inside the surgery you get to feel better very quickly xx ❤


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