let’s remember

I’ve spent the last half hour looking through the photos on my laptop. To start with I was looking for a particular photo but after a while I was just enjoying the summer memories. Did my allotment really look like that? Was the garden that colourful? Enjoy a look back at summer..img_1490img_1121img_1122-1img_1113img_1114-1img_1119img_1150img_1193img_1194-1img_1202img_1254

Do you have a favourite?

I never found the photo I was looking for!



The garden has a few flowers during winter which is very welcome. The clematis is ‘Freckles’ (at least I’m pretty sure it is – it was here when we bought the house ). The yellow flower is winter jasmine.

So far 2017 has been all about toothache – Paracetamol is my best friend till the dentist opens tomorrow. The good thing is, I can’t indulge in all the chocolates.


goodbye 2016 -why did you fly by?

This year has just gone by so fast! My son did his GCSE’s and we all survived. Decorating was done. The allotment weeds were almost vanquished. Our family holiday was one of the best ever. But a lot was left undone and the year just sped by. I am thinking that the years when your children are at school go by more quickly than any other part of your life.  Blogging wise I uprooted myself from my old ‘could do worse’ blog and after a few failed attempts plonked myself here.

The photos are snapshots of my year – the featured image is cows crossing the motorway. I just love it when we time it just right so that we see them. Happy 2017!


This week I had a delivery of three books, wool, seeds and my free plants! So glad I was home as our sorting office is miles away. You’s think that if you live in a built up area with a massive population that local amenities would all be on your doorstep but sadly the post office closed our local sorting office a couple of years ago. The building is going to be flats.

Anyway, moan over. Thompson and Morgan sent me some lucky dip plants and as this morning was an absolutely beautiful start to the day I got on and planted them in some pots. I have wallflowers (which I’ll put in the garden when they get a bit bigger), pansies and primulas. We still have roses, hollyhocks and calendula flowering and the tomatoes were picked this morning from the plants growing in pots by the back door. It’s a sheltered garden for sure. No frost here yet.

I hope you have a very happy weekend.

my garden this week

It has been a lovely week. Getting out for a walk each day (except today – not sure how that happened) has been lovely. I feel loads better for some regular exercise and fresh air. The garden is holding on to summer while wandering into autumn. Our tomato plants are still producing tomatoes (what else!!); there are berries all over the place. I am particularly pleased that we have holly berries. Last winter there was just the one. It looked lonely.

We have a rather dilapidated wooden compost bin at the bottom of the garden. We are managing to grow avocado plants in it. I only know this because I dug down by the leaves to investigate and found that the stem was coming from an avocado stone.


I’ve just spent some time looking up what to do with this free gift of a plant. I think I will plant one outside (this is the warm south of England after all ) and bring a couple inside. You can take a look at the info here. It can take up to ten years for the plant to fruit – by then I will be heading towards my 60’s!!