catching up

There is a problem here – the last post was all about getting fit and healthy and this post will feature home baked goodies! So last week started well but ended with a day spent in the kitchen – which is actually one of my favourite things to do.

I also made a cake but there isn’t a photo! At least I have a teenage son who is always hungry.

We had a very insignificant amount of snow on Friday so no trip to the allotment. For once I was glad to have an excuse to stay at home. Life seems to have been very busy with lots of coming and going and some exam stress too. The latter in particular can be exhausting. I’d rather be getting ready for GCSE’s myself than having a teenage daughter who is worried about them.


On Fridays we have been watching a film together as a family while tucking in to something easy to put together or a take away. I have loved being together. It makes a great start to the weekend.